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Why use Lienlizard to sale vehicles?

With Lienlizard you can integrate the internet into the way you do business with your customers. If you already have a website built for your company we can integrate Lienlizard into it giving your customers instant access to all of your lien sale vehicles. They can view pictures, read descriptions, and bid on your cars, all online. Want to see an example?

Click here

If you do not have a website, Lienlizard's platform can act as your site. With our custom user profile you can list your company name, phone number, slogan, logo, etc. Our site is ranked high in search engines like Google and Yahoo so your company name will get a lot of online attention.Not to mention the fact that we add your company name into our radio ads to let people know you are selling cars on Lienlizard!

All this for as little as $30 bucks per month. NOT PER CAR! For $30 bucks you can list 1,000 cars or more, no gimmics.

I just have one car to sell. Is Lienlizard right for me?

Of course Lienlizard will work for you! No matter what you are selling we have a bidder who wants it. From the old junker in the back yard to your brand new car we can sell anything. It doesn't matter what part of the world you are in, we have buyers lined up.

Use our Economy subscription. It's only $20 for 5 listings. Or $10 to sell one car! There is no fee for fee for placement in the premiere section. In a nutshell, there are no gimicks. We only charge a fee when the vehicle sells! No bids = no fee. See if anyone else offers that?

But there are not a lot of vehicles listed on Lienlizard right now, does this mean it doesn't work?

We get this question often and the answer is that, "it works too well"! We are out of balance at the moment. Meaning we have way more buyers then vehicles available. Lienlizard is visited by over 200,000 people per month! An exact figure for the month of September 2011 is 201,008 unique visitors. This amount of traffic means that as soon as we get vehicles listed that are priced competitively they are sold!

Why use Lienlizard to buy vehicles?

Finally you can look in one place to see the inventory of multiple companies. Whether you are a dismantler looking to buy in bulk or you are simply looking for an affordable vehicle, we are the place to be.

Many of these vehicles will make great everyday drivers, remember just because a vehicle is liened doesn't mean it is junk. Far from it!

A "lien vehicle" is simply a vehicle that was towed and the owner did not pay the tow bill!

If you miss a payment on your house does that make it worth less? Of course not! The same rule applies to "lien vehicles".

If there isn't a listing for the car you are after call or e-mail us and we will find it for you. (530)-473-5974 Mon-Fri 9:30-5:00 Pacific time

If you contact us you get to speak to a real person not a machine. We are here to help you buy and sell vehicles.



Subscriptions start at $30.00 per month to list an unlimited number of vehicles. If you submit liens thru Speedy Lien you get a free account.

For more details CLICK HERE to see our different subscriptions.

Need to submit Lien Sales? Do you have questions about Liens? Click Here









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