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If you are interested in submitting Lien Sales online you must first be registered. After you have registered their will be a link under "Auction Options" (Click here to see the location)

If you are already registered and are logged in simply click below to be taken to the lien form.

Submit Lien

If you would rather submit your liens via fax, please click the button below to open the .PDF lien form.

You can fax us a lien at: 1-(480)-247-5255


Download PDF

You must have an account with us in order to submit liens. Either create an online account, or call us to setup an account.

If you have any lien questions at all please call us at (530)-473-5974

or E-Mail us:



Lien Sale Prices for Speedy Lien
Vehicle Liens for Professionals (Tow companies, shops, etc.)

DMV Information Requests $7.00

Short Lien (Vehicle Value under $4000) $16.00

Long Lien (Vehicle Value over $4000) $90.00 ($45 to start the lien and $45 more when it is processed)

Vessel Liens

Short Lien (Vessel Value Under $1500) $25.00

Long Lien (Vessel Value Over $1500) $100.00

Vehicle Lien Prices for General Public

Short Lien (Vehicle Value under $4000) $175.00

Long Lien (Vehicle Value over $4000) $300.00

Lien must be paid for or we will not process it.

Call us with any questions: (530)-473-5974

DMV Services are only available in California. Auction services are now offered World Wide.



Can I conduct a lien sale on a vehicle located out-of-state?

No. If the vehicle in your possession has California license plates and you are out-of-state, you must follow the lien sale laws of that state.

Who may conduct a lien sale?

Any person/lienholder in possession of a vehicle, who has a lien against the vehicle for services rendered, who does not have a monetary interest in the vehicle and has authorization from DMV.

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Why must I pay the back penalties on a vehicle I bought at a lien sale?

The Vehicle Code does not exempt lien sale vehicles from outstanding fees and penalties.

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I lost my title and can't find the seller who sold me the vehicle. Can I do a lien sale?

No. You cannot conduct a lien sale on a vehicle in which you have a monetary interest. You may submit an Application for Duplicate Title (REG 227) when the original title has been lost, stolen or mutilated.

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Can a towing company, repossession company, or salvage company do a lien sale if they are contracted with an organization or company to pick up the vehicle?

No, that would be a conflict of interest.

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Can I do a lien sale on a motorcycle that doesn't have an engine number?

No. Only complete motorcycles can be sold in a lien sale.

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Can I do a lien sale to cover repair costs on a vehicle if I don't have a Bureau of Automotive Repair number?

No. All auto repair shops in California must be registered with the Department of Consumer Affairs' Bureau of Automotive Repair, and every repair shop must post a sign to inform customers of their rights.

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If a vehicle has been abandoned on public property, may I do a lien sale?

No. The vehicle has to be located on your property for you to do a lien sale on that vehicle.

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